I work on projects around data, ethics and innovation... especially personal data, transport data, banking data, company data and data for social change. I use skills from across product, strategy and content and love researching, facilitating and conceptualising. I aim to help make systems more open and useful for all.

I work with groups like the Open Data Institute, a non-profit partnering with companies and governments to build an open and trustworthy data ecosystem, OpenOwnership, a DFID-funded group developing a global standard and register for beneficial ownership, The Romantics, an experimental network using cognitive diversity to address businesses' complex problems, and Adapt, a startup helping companies rethink how they use data. I'm volunteering with some awesome people to set up a Sydney Hub for MyData.org, a global community advocating for a human-centred approach to personal data.

I've worked for MOO (working on NFC cards), Marsh & McLennan (building a company-wide company data and collaboration platform), Mercer (supporting the development of a sustainable investment framework and self-managed superfund platform) and Deutsche Bank (as head of media relations in the UK).

A long time ago I sang a bit of opera, and still do some creative work, like supporting concept development for Alina Gozina’s At Your Door exhibition, researching female composers for BBC4 documentary Unsung Heroines, and helping prototype Martin Creed's original singing lift.

I have an MBA from London Business School, an MMus in voice from the Guildhall School of Music & Drama and a BA Hons in English from The University of Sydney.

If you have a project or idea you'd like to discuss, or if you're into stuff mentioned here and want to connect, I'd love to talk! I'm at hello@commonplacing.net.